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One Minute Miracle

achieve miraculous skin

These three products are the perfect solution to bringing out the best in your skin. Winner of the One Minute Miracle, these skin essentials help to top up skin’s moisture levels to keep skin hydrated and smooth. Calm and soothe sensitive skin. Blur out large pores and combat shine in 40 seconds. Only to reveal your best skin ever.

hydraluron sheet mask: This ultimate hyaluronic acid-infused facial sheet mask uses a breakthrough next-generation 3D timed release of hyaluronic acid, hydrating your skin from beneath the surface for 24 hours of long lasting moisture retention. This mask leaves skin feeling softer, smoother and dewier with every use. All it takes is 15 minutes to give your skin a weekly boost and up its hydration.

10balm: This powerful healing cream works to repair and revitalize sensitive, irritated skin. Packed with a high concentration of 10 of nature's most effective soothing ingredients, this handbag hero works to solve many of the challenges skin comes up against. It's perfect for the face or body. Use as often as needed to restore skin back to a perfect 10. 

nanoblur: Get ready for your close-up as nanoblur’s optical prism technology gives your skin a naturally airbrushed effect. Using light diffusing ingredient, this ground-breaking formula changes the way light reflects off skin. Once applied, micro-prisms reflect light in a multitude of directions, creating a smoothing effect on skin similar to a digitally air-brushed photo. Nanoblur gives you an instant selfie-ready solution in seconds, any time you want to look picture perfect.

Step 1: Hydraluron sheet mask, Step 2: 10balm, Step 3: Nanoblur

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