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dimitra talks skincare

Indeed Labs President & COO, Dimitra Davidson shares her thoughts on keeping skin hydrated, defending against harsh daily aggressors, and the lengths she will go to in efforts to maintain her daily exfoliating routine.

Q. Life can take the life out of skin. How do you keep it hydrated? 

A.  I use hydraluronTM almost daily. It gives me that fresh dewy feeling the minute I apply it. I find it works great and it's the first thing I reach for (after washing with our exfoliator, of course) on days when I've had a late or restless night; or if I haven't watched my diet or I had an extra glass of wine. I feel it freshens my skin almost instantly. I never travel without a tube of it as it really helps my skin recover from jet lag, late nights, or salty foods. I feel it really helps when my skin is feeling or looking dehydrated.

Q. Which skin product can you absolutely not live without?

A. My absolute must is the exfoliator. I ran out the other day and didn't even wait to get one from the office; I stole it out of my daughter’s cabinet because I didn't want to skip even one day!  Like in Korean skincare regimes, I believe that not properly exfoliating to get rid of dead skin cells can prematurely age you. I love how gentle our exfoliator is so I can use it daily  My skin looks fresher and surprisingly (because you hear exfoliator and you assume drying) softer.  I cannot live without it! Q. What’s your go-to for protection against environmental aggressors? A. I find my skin can often get damaged from the sun or the extreme environmental situations I find myself in while traveling to large cities. Our vitamin c24 is very effective in helping my skin maintain a more youthful appearance. When I use it consistently, I notice my skin looks brighter and more energized. Q. If you could give people one piece of skin advice, what would it be?

A. In my twenties I splurged on expensive skin care lines because I knew I needed to take care of my skin similar to how I took care of the rest of my body. Back then, I had no idea what ingredients were in the products or how they worked. I had no clue if they were good for my skin or not, but I always knew how the products made me feel. Through trial and error, and analyzing the results these products had on my skin (did it leave my skin feeling clean, smooth, soft or did it irritate my skin; make me break out, leave my skin red and flaky) I made my buying decisions. Essentially, I listened to my skin and let it "talk to me". I wish, however, I had had some knowledge of ingredients and what worked for each need, so I wouldn't have spent hundreds of dollars trying to figure it all out. This is why I love what we stand for here at Indeed Labs; educating consumers so they can make informed decisions based on their own needs; and making products affordable.