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so what’s the inside story?

Launched with nanoblur™ in 2011, Indeed Labs didn’t enter into the cosmetic industry, we stormed into it with the first-ever-skin-bluring cream designed for flawless, photo ready skin in seconds.

A game-changing innovation during the rise of the unforgiving HD Camera Lens. Every girls’ selfie-secret weapon before the age of them. We saw it coming. Nanoblur surpassed every industry standard by delivering a next-generation solution to an all too real need of the time. A high-performing product, with quality ingredients, at an affordable price, that really worked. Really. What woman doesn’t appreciate a simple, accessible alternative to all the overly complicated pricier ones that don’t even deliver what they say? A promise is a promise we like to keep. And so a revolution in skincare was born. - Indeed.

A Canadian-based company with global distribution, Indeed Laboratories remains committed to targeted, high-potency formulas that address specific concerns with maximum results. We believe every skin need is unique and encourage every woman to find her own beauty. You demand it. We supply it. No blanket solutions here. We don’t shy away from what’s never been done before either. Blending cutting-edge science with globally sourced ingredients in their most potent form, we deliver the highest quality solutions with results you can see, at prices you can smile about.